Colombiana Movie Poster

My Top 3 Latest Movie Trailers – May 2

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We’re back again with another top 3 of the best and latest movie trailers that I’ve seen this month, and I’ll tell you what there’s some potential corkers in there too!

1. Columbiana
I don’t know if you’re one of the only people in the world to have not seen Taken yet, if you haven’t then you REALLY should. This comes from some of the same team, with Luc Besson being a key figure again, and seems to have a very similar vibe – revenge + lots of guns = bloody good action film. Although I doubt it’ll win any Oscars if it even slightly mimics the outstanding success of Taken then I’m sure the production team behind it will be happy enough…

Colombiana from Starworks Artists on Vimeo.

2. Priest
If you cross Sucker Punch with Constantine, then throw in a bit of Sin City for good measure, it this what the result would look like? I’m pretty sure it would be close, there’s reports that this isn’t as good as the trailer makes out, but taking just the trailer on it’s own – I think it could be something really special…

Priest – Trailer from GREENHAUSGFX on Vimeo.

3. Road to Nowhere
This one’s a bit of an enigma really and the trailer doesn’t seem to be giving a huge amount away. But, that said, in my opinion I’m incredibly drawn to this film, there’s an air of Twin Peaks about the whole thing and it’s refreshing to see something which isn’t like everything else out there. Keep your eye out for this one, if the film delivers then it could be a dark horse at the awards…

Road to Nowhere Official Trailer from monterey media on Vimeo.

Do you like/dislike any of the trailers above? Any others that you’ve seen that you can’t wait for? Please let me know, no matter how obscure they may be…