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Below I have included a small selection of the many recommendations that I have on my LinkedIn profile:

“I had the great pleasure of working along side Ned in the miinto.dk-marketing unit. As Ned in my world is one of the absolute leading capacities within SEO and digital marketing as a whole it was a delight to work with him and experience him in action and consequently see the great results created. Not only was he himself able to be ‘hands on’ and execute upon his ideas and vast knowledge within digital marketing but his managerial capabilities meant that the team which he led was also constantly high performing. Hopefully, I will get the opportunity to work with Ned again.”

Thomas KromanThomas Kroman,

Marketing Director, SmartGuy Group

“Ned is not only knowledgable about cutting edge digital optimisation strategies, he understands their role in the broader marketing mix and is able to unlock the potential of digital techniques to support and augment more traditional media activities. There’s no jargon, no smoke and mirrors and no waffle – just genuine insight with a strong understanding of delivery and the results you can achieve – meaning you don’t need to be a technical genius to understand where he’s coming from. On top of all that, Ned’s a great bloke and knows his beer, which is always a plus.”

Alex MyersAlex Myers,

Managing Director, Manifest London

“Ned is a terrific guy and hot SEO. He brings heaps on energy, passion and smarts to his job, and is always seeking learn and apply new thinking to the benefit of the brands he works on.

Unlike many SEOs, Ned has strong people skills, and is a compelling presenter of what he does. In addition to his deep SEO knowledge, he is a very solid online marketer – with skills in paid media, social, online video and web development. He is great with clients and can be counted on to deliver.

I would not hesitate to recommend Ned.”

Nic RayNic Ray,

Group Strategy Director, Quirk

“I had the pleasure of working with Ned when he was at Warner Bros, being the first time they ran a multinational mobile campaign alongside digital Ned was integral in working with our team and making sure everything ran smoothly. Attention to detail whilst being personable and fun to work with are some of his qualities”

Theo TheodorouTheo Theodorou,

Senior Vice President EMEA, Videology

“Ned was great to work with he had a tremendously positive attitude and the kind of spirit that says never give up. I would employ him again if I had the chance.”

Chris BeaumontChris Beaumont,

Group Account Director, Mediacom

“I worked with Ned whilst I was on the Warner Bros. account (incredibly exciting times!). He was incredible to work with as he really got where I was coming from and was able to proactively and diligently deliver on his end, to enable me to deliver what Warner Bros. signed us up for. Let’s just say that as far as clients go.. Ned didn’t need a lot of chasing. I would absolutely recommend him as a great hire – he is a fast learner and has boundless energy and enthusiasm to go the distance.”

Ruchira NeotiaRuchira Neotia,

National Marketing Lead, ANZ Education at Apple Inc.

“Ned worked with me as an agency contact on a major 5 market deal campaign. In that time he was professional, meticulous, showed great organisation and time management skills. He worked to my timelines and liased with the main client to help me put together a well executed programme live on the network.”

msn-logoPeggy St. Clair,

Media Specialist, MSN

“Ned spoke to Masters students studying the Digital Marketing module at London Metropolitan Business School in November 2012.

The aim was for his to provide a practitioner’s perspective on digital advertising and search engine optimisation (SEO). The material Ned presented was compelling, up to date and full of insight.”

london_metropolitan_university_logoGareth Thompson

Senior Lecturer, London Metropolitan University

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